Winegrowing-area-Carnuntum Vineyard Cellar Tastingroom
The wine-growing area of Carnuntum is situated around the villages of Göttlesbrunn, Höflein and Prellenkirchen. Winegrowing here is extremely favoured by the influence of the climate around the Lake Neusiedl and the Danube.

Sand, loam, gravel and loess are the dominating types of soil.
The name of the area derives from the historic Roman camp of Carnuntum. That is why "Heidentor" (heathen/pagan's door) was chosen as a symbol for this area which was situated at the crossroads of the Roman trading route LIMES with the Danube.

The modern wine-growing centers are in the region around Göttlesbrunn. This village had long been overshadowed by more famous wine-growing areas but has now developed from an insider tip into a shining star. The reasons for that lie in the powerful soil, the influence of the pannonian microclimate as well as the cool winds from the meadowlands of the Danube and above all the wine-growers of the region who have succeeded in taking advantage of the existing potential.

The popular varieties have got taste and power, such as the fruity elegant Grüner Veltliner, Welschriesling, Rheinriesling, Gelber Muskateller as well as the muscular Burgunder varieties and Sauvignon blanc.
Especially the red varieties but also Cuvees from autochthonous and international varieties of grapes have contributed an essential share in the latest success of this dynamic area.

The ticket to the Olymp of wines were the monumental red wines with their lush fruitiness and the ripe tannins, explosive Zweigelt, dark fruity Roesler, velvety Blauburgunder and more and more the full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, compact Merlot and spicy Syrah.