Varieties Awards Selling-points
White Wines

Triathlon 2016

Greenish yellow, fine gooseberry note in the nose with inviting stone fruits at the base, harmonious on the palate, peppery spices, with integrated notes of blossom honey, delicate, palpable, creamy sweetness.

Welschriesling 2015

Fragrant, ripe fruit, peach, pear, dry, elegant with mature integrated acidity, harmonious and concise.

Rhein-Riesling Fullmoonwine 2013

Bright greenish yellow, ripe yellow Steinobstankl0Š1nge, a hint of peach and lime, white fruit aromas, fine acidity, attractive bouquet. This wine view reflects the mood and harmony of this full moon in an impressive way again.

Grüner Veltliner 2015

Mature and complex, width and grandness of the G.V. shows pears and honey. Apple blossoms flavour the aroma, gooseberry and stone fruit are distinct. Figs, daters and dried fruits dominate on the palate. A spicy exotic hint in the finish, dense and compact, elegant and complex..

Pinot Blanc Barrique 2011

Mean Green Yellow, fine spicy, ripe aromas of sweet and tender after Mangeo baby bananas, powerful, fine-spicy, ripe yellow fruit, round and elegant, well-integrated oak spice, a powerful companion expenses.

Chardonnay 2015

Shining, strong greenish yellow, intensive tropical fruit from pineapple, litchi to mango in the nose, complex aromas, improving when aired, a fine nuance of extra sweetness and caramel in texture on the palate, plenty of minerals, clear definition and length in the finish, full of finesse due to a vital acidity, huge potential for storage..

Gelber Muskateller 2015

Yellowish green, excellent fragrance of elderberry blossoms and Muscat, full of finesse, animating structure on the palate, juice-palpable grape finale, good length.

Sauvignon blanc 2015

Greenish yellow, enchanting aroma in the nose of fresh gooseberry, green pepper and strawberry, a rainbow of aromas on the palate, fine extra sweetness, wonderful freshness, opulent but not flat, minerals, potential for many years.

der HANS 2015

An interesting wine with character, make your own impression and describe it.

Sweet wines

Chardonnay BEERENAUSLESE 2010

Bright gold with youthful reflexes, the nose yellow apple and exotic fruits, very attractive sweetness and acidity, with a long finish convincing.

Cabernet Sauvignon BEERENAUSLESE 2008

Bright red, seductive fragrance, opulent, but also dance, vibrant sweetness and acidity, with impressive length.

Sauvignon Blanc BEERENAUSLESE 2008

Deep golden color with bright hues, intense aromas of gooseberry and peppers, accompanied by an exotic fruit basket, elegant acidity, which ends in a long creamy-sweet finish.

Zweigelt Cuvee Eiswein 2009

Medium cherry red, ocher wider margin, orange edge lightening, intense in the nose, pickled cherry note, delicately by citrus zest, good red wine character. well set Juicy on the palate, the lively acid in scene, juicy cherries in the aftertaste, good aging potential.

Welsriesling Trockenbeerenauslese 2011

Medium yellow gold, delivers a rich exotic aroma game of delicate banana and mango, fresh passion fruit and herb sweet pineapple. Dynamic Sweet and dense, elegant acidity explode in the mouth and are minutes later tasted and white chocolate notes round to walk in the exotic from.

Red wines

CUVEE Classic old way 2013

Dark granary red, fruity bouquet, velvety, some dryness, with mild acidity, gentle tannin, long and pleasant finish.

Zweigelt 2013

Deep dark, black core, violet shimmers, intense fruity nuances, very inviting fresh dark berried fruit, well-integrated tannins, noble with very good future.

Rubin Carnuntum 2015

Deep ruby garnet with violet hues, fine in the nose fresh heart cherry fruit, some vanilla and caramel on the palate, juicy and elegant, showing tannins, has length and potential, versatile food companion.

Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Dark ruby, smoky and elegant smell, only hints of tender fruit, mature in taste, very fine Cassis, lasting spices in the finish.

Merlot 2012

Deep dark ruby granary, black core, violet reflexes, lighter on the rims, dark berries suggest blackberry and mint on the palate, good freshness, juicy fruit, soft tannins, animating to drink, good potential for storage.

Roesler 2015

Ink-coloured, violet reflexes, primary fruits in the nose, complex dark-berried aromas, nutty, some chocolate, tender herbal spices, velvety on the palate, fresh structure, good long-lasting fruit echo, good potential..

Pinot Noir 2011

Medium ruby with fine cherry fruit, pleasant fruit sweetness, a touch of herbs and spices, juicy, elegant, round texture, very harmonious, remains adhere well.

Signum Artis 2012

Deep dark concentrated fruit of ripe cherries, plums, gentle coconut tones, soft supple tannin with impressive harmony.